They Keep Getting Younger, Don’t They Baby? (lolla part un/trois)


Best Experienced With:     Against Me;     I Was a Teenage Anarchist

(Please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music for this evening’s pictorial gathering.   The best part about Lollapalooza is not the mosh pits.  The best part about Lollapalooza is how Perry Farrell makes the entire festival friendly for children.  There is no rock like punk rock)



The mosh pit plays a critical role in my patented “Holden Caulfield/Puff the Magic Dragon/Peter Pan Stay Young and Live Forever” offense.   There is no rock like punk rock and there is no better energy than the energy in the mosh pit.   The mosh pit has curative properties and has been proven to eliminate cancer in certain unpublished 1927 Norwegian clinical studies.    Holden should have stood in the mosh pit………not at the edge of the field. 





When I was a child,

I spake as a child,

I understood as a child.

I thought as a child

But when I became a man,

I put away childish things





Do you remember?

When you were young

And you wanted

To set the world on fire?



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