Hatred Is The New Britney, Transport Beams, & Lemmings

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In his brilliant new book, Eating the Dinosaur, Chuck Klosterman postulates the following about Britney Spears and her ilk:  “Every day, random people use Britney’s existence as currency; they talk about her failures and lack of talent as a way to fill the emptiness of their own normalcy.”   Further, Mr. Klosterman states that Ms. Spears, Ms. Lohan, etc;  “in a splintered society, they are the means through which people devoid of creativity communicate with each other.”    Bravo, Chuck Klosterman!   

Bravo, indeed.


Going to add a corollary to Mr. Klosterman’s postulate.  In the absence of any Britney, Lindsey, etc news, the new water cooler/Facebook/talk radio means by which the uncreative and under-read communicate is………. hate.   Right wing or left wing, it makes no difference in this election season.   These days it is far too easy to run around like Chicken Little, pointing a finger at someone else while building a constituency with no clear answer as to what you are doing to hold up that sky.  

It’s easy to play lemming or myna bird at the water cooler or at the election speech podium.  It is far more challenging to outline an executable plan for change with both pointer fingers firmly in your trouser pockets.   The latter requires exceptional mental capacity, originality, and courage.   The latter is my candidate and it is challenging to find that candidate on either side these days.  My odds on winning the Irish Lottery without purchasing a ticket are better than finding my candidate in any election in any state.

Being a true leader in any capacity requires the courage to be a change agent.   Leaders must have the courage, vision, and wisdom to change people, processes, and/or culture.  This weekend’s news was ripe with change agents.  For example, Marek Bozek of the St. Stanislaus Kostka church in Saint Louis.   Unwilling to put up his church’s money to pay for, protect, or hide Catholic pedophile priests and not terribly impressed by the Roman Catholic Church’s progress since 1538, Father Bozek said “no mas” and broke with the kids in Rome.  This, of course, got him excommunicated and damned to an eternity with me in hell, torturing Michael Jackson, Art Modell, and Mikey Vick.  

This crazy, moron priest not only does not want to use his parish’s money to pay for the pedophiles many on up to the Pope hid:  that’s just the tip of his heretic iceburg.   This crazy, moron priest believes that women should be allowed to be priests and that priests should be allowed to have wives.   It is a wonder that Father Bozek has not been drawn and quartered (a la crazy, moron Mel Gibson in Braveheart) in the streets every single weekend.   Women?   Come on…what right do women have to be in communion with God and sharing the scripture with the world.   That would be as silly as allowing women to have jobs or vote or run around without their womanly head attired with sack- like burqas.  Crazy talk!

I’ll see you in hell, Father Bozek, you crazy renegade priest.

Speaking of crazy talk, Burma (the country some refer to as Myanmar, but I still refer to as Burma….because Prince stole the symbol I would use for Burma for his name) announced over the weekend that they will have “free” elections again for the first time in twenty years.   My favorite woman presidential candidate of all time, Aung San Suu Kyi, will run again…..if General Than Shwe doesn‘t turn into a sissy again.

Since she won the election in Burma twenty years ago, Aung San Suu Kyi has been under house arrest while General Than Shwe has changed the name of the country, as well as the wall paper, the drapes, and all of the furniture in the country.  While I admire General Than Shwe’s outward appearance of being a change agent, I find it a bit hard to believe because he is the gentleman who chose to put Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest when she beat him in the general elections twenty years ago.    Sort of feels like you’re sitting outside of Major Major’s office waiting for him to leave so you can see him, doesn’t it?

What are these people thinking about in their crazy, moronic attempts at being change agents?   These are women!   They cannot run countries or preach from the Bible.  There’s no laundry folding or brownie baking involved in running a country or ministering to those that have accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior.    That’s just stupid.  I cannot wait to get around the water cooler or on a talk radio show in the morning to scream at the top of my lungs about how stupid it is.  

Not only will that make me feel better about myself as a person, it will make others like me more.   Lord knows I crave that acceptance in the hate clique more than life itself and it’s far easier to jump on the caterwauling hate bandwagon than it is to roll up your sleeves, keep the vitriol firmly behind clenched teeth and actually be the change you want to see in the world.   (stole the last ten words there from Gandhi…..shhhhhhhhh)

And while we I am standing around the water cooler hating women, I may as well get some more folks to like me by hating children born to illegal immigrants and hate illegal immigrants in general.   None of my Irish ancestors were not actually born in the United States and we did not get full use of the Fourteenth Amendment.   Nope.  My Irish ancestors bore us on the Emerald Isle and used the transporter beam they bought with their winnings from the Irish Lottery to beam themselves here in the late 1800’s.  

Once transported here, my Irish ancestors built the railroads that the OWG’s (Original White Guys) did not want to build and worked mining the coal that fueled the factories during the Industrial Revolution.  They rolled up their sleeves and helped change the United States from an agrarian to an industrial society.   God, of course, helped by endowing my Irish ancestors with superhuman strength and immeasurable wisdom.   God loves The Irish.

My ancestors did not need that silly Fourteenth Amendment.   They had a transporter beam!  And in my opinion, we have all the OWG’s we need for now and we ought to shut down those borders.   The coal is all mined and, outside of that bullet train we have been waiting on for years in Cali, the railroads are all built.   We have all the white people we need for the next twenty years.    Man, I hate that Fourteenth Amendment now that we have reached our OWG quota.

As we wend ourselves through all the hate and intolerance on both sides of the fence during this midterm election season, I find myself screaming the same thing at the television after each political advertisement.   The same thing I have said to hundreds of direct and indirect reports throughout the past twenty-four years.

“I know what you hate”

“What are you doing to change it?”

A very simple question very few in the work world or the political arena can answer.

The Mind of Mully

I got a brand new house on the road side

Made from rattlesnake hide

Got a brand new chimney put on top

Made out of human skulls


Take little walk with me through these elections and tell me……who do you love? 



The excerpt below is from the Biography Channel’s series “The Irish in America”.   

“Life in America proved difficult for the Irish immigrants, the vast majority of whom lived in desperate poverty near the ports where they had disembarked. Unwanted and unwelcome, the Irish clung to their Catholic faith and often resorted to physical violence in the face of severe discrimination. Desperation forced them to take the country’s most dangerous jobs, including building bridges, canals and railroads. The Irish also met deplorable conditions while working in coal mines, eventually organizing a secret society called the Molly Maguires to intimidate mine owners.”


Interesting, yes?   Thanks for visiting this evening.   Please come back tommorrow……there will be Hostess snack cakes and a marmoset juggling competition.  Single elimination.


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5 responses to “Hatred Is The New Britney, Transport Beams, & Lemmings

  1. Hester

    “How do I stand against hate without becoming hate myself?” Richard Rohr

    • surfer1965

      You’re going to make me regret not having a second date with you until I die, aren’t you? Quoting Rohr and such…….

      When you finish that PhD thing and win a Nobel, I am soooooooo not going to communicate with you any longer because then you’ll just be far too much to take.

  2. Hester

    yep. hugs, HP

  3. Greenleaf Circle

    “If you love someone, set them free. If they come back, embrace them as never before. If they betray you, hunt them down…”.

    Bryant Gumbel’s close on Real Sports on HBO, as provided by the network.

    “Finally tonight, a few words about championship rings. Just when did they become the all-important barometer of who does or doesn’t count in sports? When did they supersede personal excellence or exemplary character as a standard of greatness?

    “I got to thinking about that the other night after the self-anointed chosen one, LeBron James, embarrassed himself as he tried to make his decision to seek rings in Miami sound like a search for the Holy Grail. It’s when he essentially admitted to placing a higher priority on winning than anything else.

    “LeBron’s decision is typical of our immediate gratification era, but it flies in the face of history. Even though he never won a title, Dan Marino is still the biggest hero in Florida. And in Boston, all those Celtics championships are dimmed by the unforgettable brilliance of Ted Williams, who never won anything. In Chicago, Gale Sayers and Dick Butkus have legendary status despite playing on losing teams. And even in the NBA, where guys seem obsessed with being viewed as ‘the man’, real men like Barkley, Ewing and Baylor are ringless, but revered.

    “Despite such evidence to the contrary, LeBron James seems to think he needs a ring to change his life and secure his legacy. Maybe he’ll get one, maybe he won’t, but it’s probable that no amount of rings will ever remove the stench he wallowed in last week. LeBron may yet find that in the court of public opinion, just as putting on a tux can’t make a guy a gentleman, winning a ring can’t make one truly a champion.”

    • surfer1965

      True, that….especially the Gayle Sayers shout out. Have handed out many copies of Mr. Sayers book “I Am Third” close to my phone and a three foot by one and a half foot wooden sign on the east wall of my office reading “I Am Third.” God is first, my family and friends are second, and I am third. I tend to forget things (especially that credo) 50 times a day and it helps to have it really, really big. Thanks, Bitar. Best present ever.

      Clearly Mr. James never read Mr. Sayers book, TC.

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