Best Experienced With:    Street Sweeper Social Club;           Good Morning, Mrs. Smith


Friday afternoon arts and crafts with the Reese’s Cup of musical combinations.   “You got your Tommy Morello in my Boots Riley!”  “You got your Boots Riley in my Tommy Morello”  Two great tastes that taste great together.


Very few play the guitar as skillfully as Mr. Morello of Rage Against The Machine.


Very few throw the rhymes as skillfully as Mr. Riley of The Coup.


No group is better suited as background music for a Friday afternoon origami arts and crafts session than Street Sweeper Social Club.  Got your scissors?  Got your Pilsner?  Got your paper?  Good to go………………….


“Took the collection note you left at my spot and made you origami……..”


“Took the eviction notice tacked on your door and made you origami…….”

“I took the farewell note you meant for your ex and made you origami………”


















The Mind of Mully


May salutations

Interrupt your isolation

I’m just like you

Another profit calculation



Good morning, Mrs Smith.

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