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Paradox o’ Dualism: White Zombie Dance Off & Schrodinger’s Cat



Best Experienced With:   White Zombie;  More Human Than Human

(please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music to this evening’s dance off and quantum physics art gallery showing in a new browser window.   What BenHur wants, BenHur gets.     As we say in The Attic:  no one puts BenHur in the corner.)



The best questions:    questions without any definitive answers that stand the test of time and get made into tee shirts.   The best dance offs:  ones in which no one named Mully is dancing. 






y = y1(detected particle, dead cat) + y2(no detected particle, live cat)

















 y = y1(detected particle, observer sees dead cat) + y2(no detected particle, observer sees live cat)

















The Mind of Mully


Scratch off the broken skin

Tear into my heart

Make me do it again















The Mind of Mully:   turning the world around with a skeleton hand for over fifty-three months.   







Nighty night.  Winner, winner chicken dinner of the White Zombie dance off is the monkey.    The cat simply……..is.




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