Paradox o’ Dualism: White Zombie Dance Off & Schrodinger’s Cat



Best Experienced With:   White Zombie;  More Human Than Human

(please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music to this evening’s dance off and quantum physics art gallery showing in a new browser window.   What BenHur wants, BenHur gets.     As we say in The Attic:  no one puts BenHur in the corner.)


The best questions:    questions without any definitive answers that stand the test of time and get made into tee shirts.   The best dance offs:  ones in which no one named Mully is dancing. 






y = y1(detected particle, dead cat) + y2(no detected particle, live cat)

















 y = y1(detected particle, observer sees dead cat) + y2(no detected particle, observer sees live cat)

















The Mind of Mully


Scratch off the broken skin

Tear into my heart

Make me do it again















The Mind of Mully:   turning the world around with a skeleton hand for over fifty-three months.   







Nighty night.  Winner, winner chicken dinner of the White Zombie dance off is the monkey.    The cat simply……




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7 responses to “Paradox o’ Dualism: White Zombie Dance Off & Schrodinger’s Cat

  1. Kristi

    As you know, you had me at White Zombie. What you didn’t know is that I made a call and some nice men in white jackets are coming to take you to a room I call the Rubber Ramada. Hugs!

    • surfer1965

      So, you don’t like quantum physics or you don’t like animated dancing penguins?

      Or you live in the same city where Kevin Bacon’s character lived in “Footloose” and you hate dance offs because some of those animated characters might die in the car ride home like Reverend Moore’s kid did?

      Writing that last paragraph sort of made me want to put on “Holding On For A Hero” and run down La Jolla Blvd, pounding car hoods and fake leaping them. So……I gotta go.

      I gotta go be a street wise Hercules that fights the rising odds.

      • Kristi

        Nice try. They’re still coming. A little faster now….

      • surfer1965

        Remember when you put on that flowing white gown and chased me through the cobblestone streets of Charleston, SC singing “you gotta be sure and you gotta be soon and you gotta be larger than life”.

        I think it was somewhere after midnight and somewhere just beyond your reach. That was kind of cool.

      • Kristi

        You know, that’s actually not out of the realm of possibility. Unfortunately it’s out of the reach of my memory. I have no choice but to concede. Game point match.

  2. Evette

    i’m traumatized over the dead kittens. really, why would god do that? you are irish and have a bat phone, call her and make her explain why something completely harmless could cause such pain and suffering in little beings. i think she made a mistake. it’s ok. mistakes happen.

    and i’m confused because my adopted kittens lived in to old age and died peacefully, despite all the action.

    • surfer1965

      I have no dead kittens. None of at all. Have six very chubby, very healthy kittens. Was simply having fun with quantum physics and the cats involved are both alive and dead in perpetuity. Thanks for the thoughts though!

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