The Best Last Minute Gift Idea in the Galaxy, Pearl Jam, & Slinkies




Best Experienced With:          Pearl Jam;           Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

(Please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music for this evening’s treatise.    The perfect last minute Christmas gift idea from Mind of Mully Biz Haus Shoppe.   You are welcome)


Three shopping days remaining until the holiest of all gift giving days.  Here is $100.00.   Quick, name six holiday presents you can buy for $100.00.

What did you name?   Those are some solid answers.  Me?    Thanks for asking.   I named the following:

  1.  One hundred rolls of pennies
  2. Forty-eight Foster’s oil cans
  3. One fifth of a share of Google on the NASDAQ
  4. Twenty-three Slinkies
  5. Eight hundred green army men toys
  6. A year of elementary education in Primary School for a child in Haiti


The Ideal Gift

As you may have surmised, the ideal  last minute gift to purchase a friend or loved one is #6 above:   a year of Primary School for a child in Haiti.   Have mentioned here in the past that Haiti is a Horatio Alger story that ends on page six.   One of the levers that can change the poverty cycle over a long event horizon is educating children.  Poor children are more likely to suffer a higher rate of cognitive delays and developmental disorders and, absent intervention, are likely to perpetuate a cycle of poverty.   A single $100 sponsorship can help change someone’s fortunes and is a far better gift than twenty-three slinkies.  

Unlike in the United States, education in Haiti is for a fee and there are a bunch of good kids who need sponsors.  Promise for Haiti has done a wonderful job over the years administering a program whereby they match up sponsors with good kids who want to learn.  I vouch for Promise for Haiti and guarantee that your $100 will put a child through Primary School…they are good peeps.  In fact, here is a link to the scholarship page on their web site.  Have a look for yourself:

Perhaps you are pressed for time and cannot get to the mall.   It’s well past the safe period to get a gift shipped from an online mall.    How can you get $100 to Promise for Haiti and make a gift of an education?  You can call the H.E.L.P desk at 641-628-9353 and speak with a live human being.  Or, you can send $100 to:

          Haitian Education and Literacy Program

          Joanne Schaefer, Education Coordinator

          Box 275

          Pella, Iowa  50219



Average number of visitors to Mind of Mully Biz Haus Shoppe over the past thirty days has been two hundred thirty-two per day.    If you have checked all the boxes on your 2010 gift list, perhaps you would be so kind as to pass this on to two friends and perhaps they could pass it on to two more friends?  

232 x 2 = 464

464 x 2 = 928

928 x2 = 1,856

And on it goes.    Maybe we can get 1,000 or so last minute shoppers to sponsor a wonderful child for a year of elementary education.  What’s in it for you?   Aside from helping to shape the future of a child, what tangible thing will your gift recipient have from you?  

First, twice a year your gift recipient will receive a color report card from Promise for Haiti with a photo, grades, and an update on how your sponsored child is doing.   The report card will look like this:

Second, and for a limited time only, Mind of Mully is offering the following to the first five folks who choose to give the gift of education through the Promise for Haiti scholarship project.  Send an email to stating that you have given this as a gift and we will send you one of the sets of bunny ears shown below.   Each is autographed and has been worn in a Mind of Mully Indefinite Time Period episode.  Please email your address and the following single line:  “I promoted education”.   We work under the honor system here and that’s all you need to say.  “I promoted education”.

More?   Sure, why not.   Also for a limited time, the first five people who send a link to this page to ten friends and ask them to send it one to at least five friends will receive a set of bunny ears signed by either my cat Ceeeeeeeeeatie, or one of the kittens from the last foster group.    These are limited edition bunny ears because cats have no opposable thumbs and odds are that no one else in the galaxy can train cats to sign bunny ears.    Same instructions as above, please.    Simply send an email to saying “I forwarded a link to promote education” and your cat autographed bunny ears will arrive within two weeks.

Thanks for reading and, in advance, thanks for passing this on to more folks.   Go ahead and cut and paste the link up there into an email and send it to a few friends.   Cut and paste it into your Facebook page and let’s promote education for some good kids in the central plateau of Haiti.

The Alternate Gift Idea

Should “giving” not be up your alley, may we suggest a Slinky?    Slinkies are a great deal of fun.


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  1. Hester

    done. now send me the crap.

  2. Scott

    Just spoke with Joanne. Save me a set of those bunny ears !!!

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