Mi Nombre es Mully & Amo…………………



Best Experienced With:     Sparklehorse/Radiohead;      Wish You Were Here

 (Please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music for this evening’s get together in a new browser window.   That’s a tasty little tune)


This sunrise over Mission Bay this morning at 6:42 a.m.



Arguments leading to hugging it out

Hostess Ho-Ho’s

Watership Down

Non sequitors

Insurrections of the disenfranchised

Necco wafers and Lemonheads

Baby animals learning to walk

Down pillows

Blank legal tablets

Book stores

Hardware stores

Foot stools

Bar stools

Kotler’s Marketing Management (any edition)

Travel to third world countries

Olin & The Moon CD’s

Putting on UGG boots after a late January surf session

The New Republic

Foster’s oil cans

True love

Carpet Fresh

Sharpened #2 pencils

All day COPS marathons

Little green army men carefully guarding spicy tuna rolls at sushi dinners

“Ah ha” moments through other people’s eyes

A# chord

Uncontrollable laughter

First dates

Horatio Alger success stories



Skilled tale tellers and their tales

The documentary Buy The Ticket, Take the Ride

The philosophy “buy the ticket, take the ride”

Amazing Pink Floyd covers

This SW swell and the sunset from my porch this evening at 6:42 p.m.



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2 responses to “Mi Nombre es Mully & Amo…………………

  1. It is truly amazing what 12 simple hours can bring.

    I am reminded by each sunset that the journey is the reward.

    Alternative track: Rasputina’s Wish you were here.. the cellos make it a great way to end the day..

  2. Melinda (your OLDER sister)

    Too funny…I love most of those things also! It must run through our blood! Hope you are doing well today…take care and see you soon.
    Love, Mel

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