Rochambeau: Four Rounds


Best Experienced With:           Sponge;      Molly

(please right click the link below to open up the suggested background music to this evening’s game night in the Attic in a new browser window.)

Quick review of the rules for those that have been in a coma or otherwise incarcerated:

Equal time and opportunity for the  illiteratus:

And…….3, 2, 1:

And…….3, 2, 1:

And…….3, 2, 1:

And…….3, 2, 1:

Winner, winner chicken dinner.     Wow.    Dark horse contender.

Please join us a year from now for another Mind of Mully game night where we will add some complexity to the system.   In 2011 we will offer the traditional RPS, as well as the advanced:

And the super mega massively advanced RPS which is, of course, where we got this evening’s beautiful and intentional suggested background music.

Thanks for visiting.    Please help yourself to a mint or a pack of matches on the way down.


















 Mind of Mully

 I see the lipstick on your glass

I think you’re drunk, I start to laugh

I found your note

The letters ran


It said I loved you.    Yeah.


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2 responses to “Rochambeau: Four Rounds

  1. Kristi

    I found a lizard in my closet today. I’ve decided not to ask why.

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