Cleansing The Palette And Sharpening The Axe With Dueling Banjos


Best Experienced With:      Dueling Banjos


Sometimes we get so busy chopping down the trees that the axe gets dull.   Nothing sharpens a dull axe faster than dueling banjos and nothing makes most of us unbelievably squeamish like seeing Ned Beatty at the start of this movie.   Vancouver Olympic Trilogy will continue this week with a spiffy little lesson on M&A and net present value of cash flow analysis.  Tell all your finance minded friends but don’t tell my mom.  Told mom I gave up NPV’s for Lent.  Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Simple instructions for mind clearing and axe sharpening.  Right click the link above to open the music in a new browser window, come back here to Mind of Mully and slowly scroll down as the song changes instruments.   When you get to the fast part, dance a jig or sit back and watch the cats dance a jig.  People like choices.








The Mind of Mully















For those of you with advanced needs for axe sharpening or advanced banjo listening skills, we also offer Foggy Mountain Breakdown by the man, the myth, the legend…..Earl Scruggs.  Stumbled upon Mr. Scruggs in sixth grade, bought a five string banjo and slapped a transducer with the hopes that making the banjo “electric” would enhance my skills.  It did not and seventy odd years later I remain utterly awful at the banjo.

If you love music, open the clip above and watch it.  Earl Scruggs, a few dozen amazing banjo pickers, and twenty-four of the finest hair don’ts you will ever see in one place at one time.




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