Canadian Women Ice Hockey Celebration, Anarchist Pansies, & MofM @ The Olympics


Best Experienced With:    Maroon 5;    Harder to Breathe

(please right click on the link below to cue up the suggested background music for this morning’s entry….the first of an Olympic trilogy.  Feel free to do the line dance from last week if the music moves you to move)


As a serial monogamist and periodic polygamist, have found the last eighteen months of singledom refreshing.  You know that feeling you get when you skate for six or seven days straight and then put your tennis shoes back on?  That type of feeling.  If all goes well with Julie Mancuso when we meet for the Mind of Mully interview at the Garibaldi Bar and Grill later this afternoon, I may be throwing the Bauers back on for a while.  If Perez Hilton can get interviews with his blather, Julia cannot possibly say “no” to a Mind of Mully interview.

Along with providing us China’s applications for the 2009 Nobel Prize, my friend Pam has been mentally pimping me and suggesting potential dating partners.   Pammy demanded that the crack Mind of Mully team spend at least thirty-six hours at the Vancouver Olympics wooing Julia Mancuso.  And here we are. 

As any good business person going into a meeting, spent four minutes last evening diligently preparing a list of questions that will guide my conversation with Julia Mancuso.  Would suggest that you sales and marketing kids always walk into any meeting with your list of eleven.  You are welcome!

  1.  May I please wear your medals and tiara when we go to sushi?
  2. Does it still look like I have a chocolate swim cap on?  Had my hair painted the other day and want to make sure it does not look like I am wearing a chocolate swim cap after a hair painting.  That’s not a good look for me.
  3. Do you find gentlemen with faux chocolate swim caps dead sexy?
  4. Really?
  5. Do you prefer wallpaper or paint?
  6. What do you prefer to do when it gets cold outside and you got nobody to love?
  7. Does Vonn get on your nerves some times?
  8. Ever backhand her when the cameras are over on the snowboarders? 
  9. Are you fond of all animals or do you buy into that “dog person”, “cat person” thing like those animal misogynist bigots do?
  10. 10.   Do you have tickets to the USA-Canada hockey match on Sunday?
  11. 11.   Good!  Can you please take me and Kyle?


Am going to miss the anarchists at the Vancouver Olympics.  Man, but they were fun to mess with at the Republican National Convention back in 2008.  If you want to make an anarchist’s head blow up, ask the following question:  “when I stop by your little apartment later on this evening to smack you in the head and steal your appliances, who are you going to call to make the pain stop?”  True anarchists will get stuck in a brain loop and their head will explode.   Sure you are ungovernable!  Right up until the moment I smack you upside the head and you start to cry like a little girl.

 Picture above is from a peace/anarchy rally at the 2008 RNC. 


Absent anarchists, we can still have some fun at the Vancouver Olympics.  Anarchists wear black hoods because deep down inside, they are pansies.  Real men wear bunny ears. 

Game on, Vancouver!   


Game on


The Mind of Mully


I have the tendency

Of getting very physical

So watch your step because if I do

You’ll need a miracle




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