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Grape Jelly Covered Bully Pulpit, Indoctrinating Kids, & Gimme My Pez Dispenser


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(please right click on the link below to open up the suggested background music for this evening’s option to texting ten dollars to the Red Cross every sixth hour.  I know these peeps down below and can vouch for them)


Here’s what you asked for, Bitar & Jones……..with a bit more color.

Back in September when President Obama relinquished the coveted bully pulpit, we posted a signup sheet on the back bulletin board asking for someone to replace him.  Someone evil and deceitful enough to goad innocent ten year olds into rooting for our country or, God forbid, participate in thinking.  Oh Lord……the humanity!  Work hard and stay in school?  Left wing pinkos always say you should work hard and stay in school.  Rubbish.

The bully pulpit remains empty, covered in grape jelly and dozens of empty blue Foster’s oil cans.  What good is a bully pulpit without a bully and an agenda involving the brainwashing of secondary school children?   If you guys aren’t going to use it, then I’m going to pop up on the bully pulpit this evening and force my left wing pinko agenda for schoolchildren firmly down your throat.

Our friend Anderson Cooper and his silly black tee shirts have returned home, yet there’s still roughly fifty years of clean up on the left portion of Hispaniola.  Gave you surgical sales and marketing folks some options ten days ago and a bunch of you have come through.  Thanks a million and keep it up, please.  We’re going to get it to Pignon and into patients starting March 19th.  If you know anyone with extra debriders, there are some burns that need mending.  

Back to my bully pulpit.   If you have an extra hundred dollars that you don’t feel like texting to the Red Cross, or if you want to stay home and skip a baker’s dozen of martinis this coming week, feel free to print out the form below and send a check for $100 to put a Haitian child in the central plateau through elementary school for a year.  Education, and the education of women specifically, is one of the key levers to eradicating poverty the world over.  School is not free in third world countries…..probably because property taxes are hard to levy when no one actually owns property.  That’s just a guess.

Should you choose to invest your $100 with these folks, they will send you report cards and progress reports.  Should you ever choose to take a holiday with me down to the central plateau, you can meet the children you sponsor and they will give you the biggest hugs you may ever receive in your life.

Should you choose to read more about eradicating poverty, there are several excellent books at the link below which will surely win The Mind of Mully a Nobel Peace Prize in 2010.  The name of the program alone…… “Treat Everyone Like They Are Going to Die Today” ……deserves some sort of prize.  Heck, a Pez dispenser would be fine today after getting jacked around on the Polk last week.   Robbed……………..


Thanks for joining and thanks for whatever it is you choose to do to help Haiti on an ongoing basis.  It took The Man hundreds of year to thoroughly disenfranchise that population.  It’s going to take us a few decades to help fix it. 


And we will, provided we educate the children immediately.


The Mind of Mully


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