The Ramones, The Circle Jerks, and Ministry Never Needed a Line Dance…. (but what the heck)














Best Experienced With:      Big & Rich;      Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy

(Please right click on the link below to cue up the suggested music for this evening’s first and last Mind of Mully line dance lesson)

Have heard the grumblings over the past few weeks.  Mostly from Jack because he tends to hog the conch.   Jack always hogs the conch, doesn’t he?  Jack is why I have never completely trusted red headed people.  Grumblings that we gather in The Attic and yet we never have a line dance. 

I hear you loud and clear……..let’s have a line dance! 

Please clear as big of an area around you as feasible, given your space.  Those of you in studio apartments, just stand over there in the corner near your 54” flat panel and make your arm and leg movements sparse.  Those of you in big old four bedroom homes, put all the living room furniture in the den and really explore the space.  Move around:  really explore the space.   Those of you saving your Mind of Mully reading for airplane reading, please close your eyes and follow along in the Mister Rodgers area in your mind.  Say hi to Miss Kitty for us while you are there.

Our line dance will be similar to the one that I wanted to use for the 1989 NCA College Cheerleading Championships when I coached the University of New Hampshire cheerleading squad.  For reasons that will be clear very soon, my girlfriend at the time voted me down and threatened to not only dump me if we used this, she bought a shovel and a big bag of lime for rapid body disposal.  Kim was deceptively dangerous and lethal with over three hundred weapons.


Do you have your space clear?  Five, six, seven, eight………………………………

Side step left  (1)

Side step left (again) (2)

Feet stationary….full sprinkler right (3,4,5)

Feet stationary….full sprinkler left (6,7,8)

Spin right a half turn, keeping right foot planted (1)

Kick (either leg…allowing for creativity) (2)

“The Prep” hand motions up high to left, then to right.  Not full ones, thalidomide baby arm motions (3,4,5,6)

Squat (7)

Hop while screaming “yeeeeeee hah” (8)

Repeat as often as needed…………………….



The Mind of Mully




Save a horse

Ride a cowboy
















Yes, 432 lbs……they even teach us about frog gigs in The Land of Cleve.  Run well……………..trip people if you feel the need.

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One response to “The Ramones, The Circle Jerks, and Ministry Never Needed a Line Dance…. (but what the heck)

  1. LeMieur

    I prefer to yell YeeeHawww all throughout the dance. Overall this dance does translate well. Thanks Mully!

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