Albino Burmese Pythons, Vampire Novels, & Mind of Mully (business) Moron of the Month



Best Experienced With:          Whitesnake;        Still of the Night

(please right click the link below to open the suggested music for this evening’s treatise)

How many of you right clicked on that link up there and immediately began playing air guitar?   Please keep your hands up until I finish counting.   76,78, 79.  79 out of 87 and the rest of you are liars.   Saw Coverdale and the boys in 2004 and he looked the same.  He looked eighty-four or so at the 2004 concert and he always looked like he was in his mid eighties.         Where were we?

Wending my way through two  hundred and fourteen sections of vampire novels (cooking with vampires, self help for vampires, vampire history, ad nauseum) at Barnes and Noble in Layton, Utah this evening to find the single non-Vampire novel section, started getting excited about the first Mind of Mully book club this coming weekend.  In the event you are new to The Attic, the instructions and qualifications for the Mind of Mully Book Club are on the following shelf:


Used a combination offense to get an entire row to myself on the San Diego to Portland flight the other morning.  Pulled out the pink headphones and bought a New York Post for the ride.  Quite clearly, because everything you see in print must be the truth, Governor David Paterson did not have sex with that woman.   Very few things get you an entire row to yourself faster than the pink head phones and a prominently displayed New York Post.


Oh, and if you jog through Central Park, please remember to bring at least one large caliber pistol along on your runs, along with a speed loader.  Those coyotes are wily.  Sorry.


And this one?  This one is just fantastic!  How can you not just adore the crack writing staff at the New York Post?


Found the Mind of Mully (business) Moron of the Month on the same flight.  That is his back and partial profile in the photo immediately above.

Imagine if you had some folks over to measure your windows for new window dressings.  Imagine that if right after you met, they went out in your back yard and started discussing how the window dressing meeting went and what the strategy would be for matching up your needs and stated budget with their offering and their prices.  Now imagine the window dressing people discussing your deal were talking really loudly and the other companies you were considering for window dressings  were playing on your swingset in the backyard.

The Moron of the Month sat on an airplane for ten minutes loudly discussing with his boss the deal structure he was going to present to Emory University for an oncology machine.  The Moron of the Month discussed it in great detail and I took copious notes.  Take a look.


Yes, we all recognize that you are a big important bsuiness man.  Yes, we are all probably quite impressed at how you are handling the negotiation.  All of us on this Boeing 737 are even more impressed by how you are tactfully telling your boss that it is all about price and that times are tough and that a deal at 19% margin versus 29% is better than no deal at all.  You self absorbed, self important, poorly negotiating, whining twit.

If you have worked with me, you know that I will never, ever, ever, ever discuss business while in an airport, on an airplane, in a restaurant, ad infinitum.  If you clear all the strangers from all those public places, will gladly yammer on and on about business.  The Moron of the Month has never worked for me because I have never worked for GE Healthcare.  Two years ago, I had two buy side deal attorneys sit in front of me all the way from Boston to San Diego.  They not only discussed the term sheet the entire flight, they had their computers open with the NPV calcs there for the world to see.  Lots of people miss the day they teach common sense in B School.

I had a CEO once who left a meeting at a faith based, non drinking hospital group and dragged us all to a restaurant right next door to the building where we just had a two hour final meeting.  Did he get us a private booth in the back where we could download and discuss the strategy?  Did we get ice tea in case someone we just met with came over for a late lunch?  Nope.  The whole group of us sat at the bar and drank alcohol.  Brilliant! 

Global perception………………………few are called and even fewer are chosen, it seems.

Think.     Action      Reaction     Think      Response      (rinse, repeat)




The Mind of Mully




Look how awesome that view is.


Closer.  Look closer.


 Smoosh your face up against the window….we have the e ntire row thanks to the pink headphones and the New York Post


There you go.    Night.

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