Raging Against The Man, Haiti Part Trois, & TWWLEV as a Tough Corsican







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(Please right click on the link below to cue up the suggested background love song for this evening’s treatise.  The third in a series of three treatises on Haiti and how you can help Haiti over the next twenty years.  Long after CNN is gone, we should all kick in and help out.  Because many non-Haitians will forget and many Haitians need help)


This is the story of the only time I killed a man or, at the very least, the only time I saw the body.  This is part three of a three part series on what you can do to help Haiti.  To keep the musical motif the same, the Foo Fighters background music is the third of three love songs. Mostly, because love makes the world go round.  Please adjust your volume knobs to eleven.

Shall we begin?

First time I went to Hispanolia was in 1999 with The Woman Who Loved Eddie Vedder (https://mindofmullybizhausshoppe.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/i-wish-i-was-a-neutron-bomb-for-once-i-could-go-off/).  TWWLEV had a time share in the Dominican Republic and I had seven trillion air miles to blow.  We flew in business class from San Diego to Santo Domingo and finished off six of the seven drink carts on the way.  We landed at 10:00 p.m., grabbed a bottle of rum, jumped into a cab, and headed to the resort.

Fifty minutes into the cab ride, we saw a single headlight coming towards us in our lane.  During tenth grade Driver’s Education class in The Land of Cleve, they taught us to always, always, always swerve to the right if a driver is approaching in your lane.  Our cab driver clearly did not have that same instructor in Cleveland or he was out sick the day they taught that defensive driving maneuver on Hispaniola.  Our driver swerved to the left as the motorcyclist swerved to his right and we ended up in the same lane.

We were going sixty or so and, based on the sonic boom and the cracked engine block, the motorcyclist was doing roughly the same speed.  He bounced off of our windshield and flew a hundred yards or so.  Into a tree.

While the cab driver called someone on his cell phone and TWWLEV wisely stayed in the cab, I went back to check on the motorcyclist.  No carotid pulse and most of his head was gone.  The village folks circled me and started yelling.  Five minutes after the crash, a white van pulled up.  Three men grabbed our luggage, herded us into the van, and we drove the rest of the way to the resort in silence.  I could hear the Krebs cycle actually happening in TWWLEV’s cells during the white van ride.  That’s pretty dang quiet.  Our new Dominican friends left the body and the cab in the road.  They did not say a word to the screaming crowd.

Next morning:  knock, knock, knock” on the door.  Impeccably dressed gentleman in a sharp linen suit and floral tie.

“Mr. Petretti, we are very sorry about the traffic accident you had on the way here and hope it does not reflect badly on the resort.  We want you and your wife to know that the man is now in the hospital resting comfortably and he is going to make a complete recovery.”  No, we were not married.  Yes, that is TWWLEV’s last name.  It was her time share.

They either have a very interesting full skull transplant program at the University Hospital in Santo Domingo or Lazarus and Jesus were out causing mayhem with their shenanigans that evening in the Dominican Republic.  Regardless, that motorcyclist was resting comfortably in his bed that evening and that’s a wonderful, miraculous thing.

The 1999 vacation motorcycle story is 100% true. Please consider that this is how human life is sometimes valued on the right side of Hispaniola….the rich side of the island.  The second wave that DOCTOR Sanjay has been going on and on about is not going to be cholera.  Absent an intentional, well thought out effort and a fifty year event horizon with measurable plans that match Kofi Annan’s Millennium Development Goals, the second wave is more corruption and silliness.  You can find the Millennium Development Goals here:


Please note that #2 thorough #5 of the Millennium Development Goals are related to women.  The Man, especially the weakest of The Men, loves to keep women down.   That is why The Man drives Hummers and Corvettes.  Those of us that rage against the machine and The Man truly appreciate how society’s success depends upon the “held mirror” symbol part of society.

Who owns this behavior?  Whose rear view mirror has the blood spatter?  Remember those 1980’s anti-drug commercials that worked on very few of you?  “I learned it from watching you, dad”!  Haiti and The DR learned that behavior from The Man

The Man has been messing with Haiti for hundreds of years.  Be it the face of the Spaniards, the face of the Reagan administration, the face of the Carter administration or the face of the do-gooder “missionaries” that show up daily in Haiti to steal jobs from locals with their own paint brushes and hammers.  Just like the Baptist missionaries that got caught stealing some kids to brainwash in Haiti last week, they all have the face of The ManThe Man only screws things up more and The Man does good deeds so he can tell his friends about his good deeds.  Project Haiti is as far from The Man as my beloved Browns are far from the next Super Bowl.  Light years far away.

If you choose to rage against the machine and tell The Man to pound sand, please join me in rebellious activities such as the one shown below.  The picture below, taken at Cambridge Hospital in Massachusetts illustrates just how far I am willing to go to rage against the machine and The Man.  Feel free to continue the $10 contributions to The Man……or….join us in the grass roots campaign and get your hands a little dirty!


You can choose to help with the gathering of trauma related gear and such discussed Friday evening.  You can choose to help us create a surgical destination location centered around The Charity Hospital in Pignon, Haiti.  You can choose the help by sending your money to Project Haiti, Inc instead of The Man.  You make the call, just please make the commitment to yourself that you are in for the long run.  It took The Man 400 years to make a mess of Haiti………..…it’s going to take us at least 100 years to get it back on track.  Long event horizon, indeed.  Game on, Saint Jude.  Game on.

In advance, thanks for your help and your commitment to helping the first black republic in the western hemisphere and the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Fixing what The Man has turned askew.   Could be a fun little adventure.


















The Mind of Mully

 One last thing before I quit I never wanted any more than I could fit into my head I still remember every

single word you said and all the sh^t that somehow came along with it still there’s one thing that

comforts me since I was always caged and now I’m free…..








Find Project Haiti, Inc here:         http://projecthaiti.info/Project_Haiti/Welcome.html












This MLOG is dedicated to TWWLEV because all of us up here on the unmatched carpet squares in The Attic  know that you will kick the crap out of cancer.  You are Corsican and cancer is far, far weaker than anyone with Corsican blood.  Keep that stubborn, French jaw up and squared away.  Thanks for the Dominican Republic trip……….never killed anyone with someone I loved before.  Bet Eddie Vedder can’t say that.  Hugs.


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