Two Non Blondes YouTube Channel……..You Are Welcome

two non blondes flier copy




As promised two weeks back, we have begun populating a YouTube channel with all seventeen months of Two Non Blondes mediocrity.     If you grow weary of reading here and looking at pictures and such… can tune in over there and listen to good music, done in a mediocre fashion.    Yet, with enthusiasm, vim and vigor.    By August 1, 2014, we should have the full catalog….1,973 songs…..up on the YouTube channel.


You can find the main page here:


What’s there?     There are no rabbits with pancakes on their head.   Which is a shame.





There are love songs, done in a mediocre fashion……..




More love songs, done on a first take….in a mediocre fashion….so as to capture the laughter…..





There are break up songs (our specialty), done in a mediocre fashion……..







There are out takes from our “recording” sessions, done in a less than mediocre fashion……








There is never before seen footage of live Two Non Blondes at open mic nights, playing in a mediocre fashion……






There are Hanson songs, done in a mediocre fashion…..





There are drugs songs, done in a mediocre fashion……




And, of course, there are extremely done one time practice sessions of prescient tunes, done in a mediocre fashion….




Have a look around and, as always, you are welcome.    Thanks for visiting.











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