Sunk Costs Don’t Matter




Best Experienced With:          Stars;                   Your Ex Lover is Dead

(Please right click on the link below and open the suggested background music in a new browser window.   Again, it’s one hell of a good song.  “When there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.”  Indeed)

Kindergarten:                 Blocks.   There are always more blocks

First Grade:                       Blue/Green vs Green/Blue

Second Grade:                Hooking up phrases, clauses:  making them function

Third Grade:                   Solid, Liquid (or) Gas

Fourth Grade:                Louisiana Purchase

 Fifth Grade:                   Is, as, was, were, be, am, been

Sixth Grade:                  Judy Blume books

Seventh Grade:           Order of Operations

Eighth Grade:              Do not start writing until you have prepared an outline

Ninth Grade:                 Maginot Line was quite useless

Tenth Grade:                Pythagorean Theorem

Eleventh Grade:         Vos chaussures sont rayées brun

Twelfth Grade:             C6H12O6 (aq) +  6O2 (g)  ®  6CO2 (g)  +  6H2O (l)

College Year One:                   Calculus

College Year Two:                Hawthorne Effect

College Year Three:            First In, First Out….Last In, First Out

College Year Four:              Smith, Nash, Malthus, & Marx

MBA Year One:    Sunk costs don’t matter

MBA Year Two:    Sunk costs really, truly don’t matter.   Ever

Because there are always more blocks…

Never edit these until this evening.   Someone chimed in with a request for another love song post publification.    I’ll see that request and raise it to a sing along.   Turn the speaker volume up to 11, warm up the hand claps and the finer snaps.    Take a few minutes.

Warmed up?   Well done.   Right click on the link below and we’ll commence the sing-a-long.     Altos to the front and tenors to the rear.    Figure out the chorus on your own:  verses are below.     The Daylights:  “I Hope This Gets to You”

One, two, three four…………………..clap….clap….clapclap….clap…clapclap

“I’ve been searching for a couple words,
that could grow wings and fly like birds.
And of course I know that it sounds absurd,
but when you’re in love all the lines get blurred.
Do you remember a thousand lights,
we danced like kids, let the traffic go by.
I can’t help it that you memorized.
Just imagine the world a little smaller tonight.”



“I knew I found what I was looking for,
sitting indian style on the kitchen floor.
You’re like pretty Grace Kelly,
in a black and white scene.
And you’re battin’ your eyes ’cause you know it kills me.
You think you feel my heart jumpin’ through my chest,
when you look at me it beats three times as fast.
And all of this is passing us too quick for regrets.”

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