Wallaby (or) Kangaroo & Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Word Problems


Best Experienced With:           Airborne Toxic Event;      Gasoline

(Please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music for this evening’s gathering in a new browser window.  “We were only seventeen, we were holding in our screams…let’s burn ourselves until we scream.”   Yadda, yadda, yadda)


Please pull out a Sharpie marker and indicate on your computer screen whether each of the photos below is a kangaroo or a wallaby.    For “kangaroo”, please draw a large ‘K” and circle the “K” neatly with your Sharpie.   If you believe the animal to be a wallaby, please draw a large “W” and circle the “W” neatly with your Sharpie.    When you finish, please place your Sharpie diagonally on your desk and sit quietly, waiting for the remainder of the class to finish.  No, you may not have a hall pass.

For those of you interested in extra credit, there are Great Gatsby word problems randomly placed between the marsupial quiz.    Please show all your work for full credit to each word problem.

You may begin.

Tom Buchanan from Zelda’s Looney Farm is preparing to harvest his crop of potatoes to sell to the grocery store in time for Thanksgiving. The field has 208 rows of potato plants with 463 potato plants in each row.  Tom estimates that they will harvest the entire field in 16 hours.

How many potatoes plants are there in all? ______

How many potatoes plants will their crew
harvest each hour? ______

Nick Carraway’s holiday party is going to be held next month in West Egg.  There are gifts for all the children. The organizers have spent $14.97 per gift and are expecting 68 children.   Jordan Baker will get forty-three gifts from Nick.

How much was spent on gifts? ______








Jay Gatsby grows weary of being a deeply flawed man and decides to change his evil ways.  Along this life course change he becomes the manager of a specialty food store.   Mr. Gatsby combined almonds that cost $4.50 per pound with walnuts that cost $2.50 per pound. How many pounds of each were used to make a 100-pound mixture that costs $3.24  per pound?




Let’s burn these sheets down to the seams….like gasoline.


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4 responses to “Wallaby (or) Kangaroo & Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Word Problems

  1. Hester

    i got it! i got it! Thanksgiving at the K & W cafeteria with Daisy and Gatsby in dimension 11!
    did i get it, right???

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