Vexation Definition Sandwich & Gerald The Killer Cab Driver


Best Experienced With:    Limp Bizkit and Xzibit;    Getcha Groove On

(please right click on the link below to open the suggested background music to this evening’s treatise.  Falling outside two standard deviations, this treatise will most likely self destruct by dawn. )




Vexation:  (n)     What I feel when I hear surgical sales people complain about getting up at 5:00 a.m. to be in surgery or when I hear my MD friends complain about being on call.  And if you choose a career that involves travel?  You are going to miss flights and your days will always disintegrate.    Vexation:  (n)  

Each of the above examples is a choice.  None are examples of something a federal judge handed down as a sentence.   None should be converted into crosses and thrown onto shoulders nor squeezed out onto a Facebook page for sympathy points.

Showing up to sell in surgical cases at 5:00 a.m. is a choice.   Becoming a doctor and taking call is a choice.   Accepting a job that involves travel is a choice.  If you do not like your choice, toss the cross aside and make a different choice. 

This summer is the perfect storm for missed flights.   The number of flights has been pared well back, lots of slack jawed West Virginia families are on vacation, and business travel is picking up again after two down years.  Add in all the bad Midwest storms because God is angry that the Cavaliers did not make it to the NBA Finals and what do you get?   The perfect storm for missing flights if you travel every day for work.  

Best thing to do when your summer travel gets trashed is to execute the following patented offense:

Step One

Find yourself a tasty tune to put on loop on your iThing.    The one you clicked above there is a good one because you can practice throwing your rhymes.   Moreover, this song is ideal for doing the modified prep while sitting in a chair in any airport.


Step Two

Choose a “happy place” funny JPEG.   Something so funny that no matter how many times you look at it, it still makes you laugh like a hyena.  The one below is my “happy place” funny JPEG.   Feel free to adopt it as your own to save some internet searching time.   You are welcome.


Marketing folks!   The following are called “product line extensions” of the Photoshopped kitten with the foam animals chasing it.  












Step Three


Figure out a “Plan B” and execute said plan expeditiously. 

The gentleman below is Gerald, the finest cab driver in Ohio.  


When my Dayton-Detroit-The LJ flight got moved three times then shot in the head this evening, Gerald got me from Dayton to Cincinnati to make an 8:25 shot in the dark flight home in 73 minutes flat.   73 minutes flat is a land speed record during rush hour that would impress Chuck Yeager.

On the way from the Dayton airport to the Cincinnati airport, Gerald and I traded off singing the two part harmony from Getcha Groove On while we discussed our beloved Cleveland Browns at length.  Moreover, Gerald told me stories about my favorite basketball player, Ron Harper, from when Ron was a kid in Dayton, Ohio.  We had fantastic discussions at 114mph on Route 75 because every blade always cuts both ways, The Random is generous, and every adventure is exactly what you make of it.

All hail Gerald and The Random.



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3 responses to “Vexation Definition Sandwich & Gerald The Killer Cab Driver

  1. Hester

    you are the coolest ever 😉

    • surfer1965

      Thank you for noticing. Feel free to come back every hour on the hour to stoke my ever changing ego and moods, Hester.

  2. Hester

    I will come back as often as you need, Dimmesdale. Thank you for the reminder to choose happiness and stop fucking whining. hugs.

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