Flying Monkeys, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, & Majestic Bells of Bolts Striking




Best Experienced With:   Bruce Springsteen;    Chimes of Freedom

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Jimmy Cliff’s cover of that song you just cued up is one of the finest Dylan cover ever.  Springteen’s doesn’t suck too badly either.  How fantastic that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inaugurated Jimmy Cliff and Iggy Pop last weekend.  Did you ever think you’d see that?  The Random blesses us each day with mischief and surprise.

All hail the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  All hail the magical, mystical shores of Lake Erie and The Land of Cleve.   The Land of Cleve has no fire breathing dragons and it’s not Honalee, but it’s damn close.  Horseshoe, hand grenade, and nuclear weapon close, by golly.

The rainy season is about to start in Haiti and there are more than 600,000 people still living under regular old bed sheets hung on branches in Port Au Prince.  That’s sure going to suck when the rain begins.  Am neither an economist nor a physician, yet I will opine that people dying, starving, and getting generally drenched for ninety days straight is going to significantly slow down even the most basic of economic development plans. 

You most likely missed the news coverage on these 600,000 folks living under bed sheet tents, as I did, because our ADHD news networks, their talking heads, and our population’s three minute attention span have our focus on:

  1.  A doomed from the get-go healthcare bill soon to be taken out back to the woodshed and shot in the head with both barrels.
  2. John Edward’s cloven hoofed love child being the spitting image of daddy.
  3. New York Senators who may or may not have had tickle fights with 43% of the world’s population.
  4. Marmosets

Apologies for having to resort to most base and crass of all attention grabbers:  flying monkeys.  No one can resist flying monkeys.  When you saw the flying monkey, you may have even muttered “I’ll get you my pretty” under your breath.  That’s a normal reaction.  Most of us have the same reaction when we see flying monkeys.  Many believe that the Large Inflatable Gorilla On The Roof offense is the best attention grabber offense.  Wrong.  You can beat that offense any day of the week (in any municipality) with the Flying Monkey offense.

 “I’ll get you my pretty”   Back on point.


Those that wrung their hands screaming “we must help Haiti” and “we need a sustainable economic plan for Haiti” back in January now wring their hands and complain they burned their thumb something fierce this morning on the toaster while making a blueberry Eggo.  I don’t want those people.  They vex me something fierce.


An executable plan on eradicating poverty already exists.  We posted it in The Attic the day after the Haiti earthquake.  It’s back there between the pinball machine and the fern if you want to take a refresher.  Kofi Annan’s UN Millennium Development Goals have been around since 2000 and they have proven out in seventeen countries.  Shall we run through all eight?

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieve universal primary education
  • Promote gender equality and empower women
  •  Reduce child mortality (reducing under 5 mortality)
  •  Improve maternal health (reducing maternal mortality ratio)
  • Combat HIV, AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  •  Ensure environmental sustainability
  •  Develop a global partnership for development


The beauty of being an insomniac with only six self sustaining cats to worry about on a daily basis is the ability to plan.  The first through eighty-third plan I sketched out for economic development in Haiti’s central plateau were awful, much like my boat poetry.  Mentally composed the eighty-fourth this afternoon and it’s a beauty.  Going to put the meat on the bones over the next week and put a team together by tax day. 

Mark T has already signed up to be in charge of the “experience” portion because Mark has no fear.  There are nine more openings and our team of eleven will not only have a fantastic adventure over the next twenty years…….….we will also be one louder than any other group working to create economic growth in a third world country that’s been disenfranchised and abused since 1491.  Thanks in advance for answering the phone when we call to hand you your ticket for the ride.



The Mind of Mully

Tolling for the rebel

Tolling for the rake

Tolling for the luckless,

Abandoned, & forsaked



As long as we gather to think, emote, and laugh, we will always toll for the outcasts burning constantly extinct.  Locally, we will do all we can to help our friends Teresa and Jeff at San Diego’s Street of Dreams.  Teresa and Jeff do wonderous things at Street of Dreams to keep great kids out of prison.  Globally, we will spend the next twenty years creating a world class surgical destination location in Haiti as an arm of economic growth and a source of local pride.  

If Iggy Pop can get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, this long shot should be a slam dunk.

(Should you join our adventure, you will recieve your own personal  Anti Myth Rhythm Rock Shocker business cards.  Sharpie is extra.)


Bye bye

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