So, You Want To Make $243,533? Prime Numbers!



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Since all business people should love numbers and embrace them as they embraced their teddy bear during their youth, here is your quota attainment and revenue generation by the prime numbers.  This little exercise uses hospitals as potential places to sell and assumes a sales force of fifty sales people.  


2,514,217:  Total amount you sell in 2009 by December 31 at midnight


243,553:     Your W2 statement says this is what you earned


 4513:          Number of hospitals in the United States (roughly)


631:            Number of times you must call potential customers on phone


 277 & 281: Cousin primes indicating 2009’s number of selling days (total)


 83:              Number of hospitals where you can sell each day


 61:              Business days left where you can be face to face with customers


 47:              Times each potential customer must say “no” before buying


 31:              Euclidian prime…number of potential deals you should have


 7:                Times you will have to re-propose during negotiations


 3:                Months to go in 2009


Since 1 is neither a prime nor a composite, we shall call 1…  Go sell something.  The fourth quarter is always a magical and mystical quarter, provided you make the right choices each day.


Incidentally, a good sales person states that the list of prime numbers is infinite.  A great sales person ask the following question.  “How infinite is the list of prime numbers”? 



We are all about the questions………………………..




The Mind of Mully


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There’s only one girl in the whole wide world for you

And she probably lives in Tahiti

I’ll cull the whole wide world just to find her



 PS:  If you want to see Will Ferrell’s best movie ever, rent “Stranger Than Fiction”.  It is a brilliantly written drama and he plays this song in the movie.  You are welcome!


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