Mind of Mully Presents: Real Men of Geniusnessish Ville!



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(please right click on the link below to cue up the proper background music for this treatise.  This song is a perfect fit for this treatise)





Mind of Mully Presents:      Real Men of Genius


Please do fake voices for this MLOG.  When you see the italics, do the sing song chorus voice from the Budweiser commercial.  Do the remainder of the fake commercial in the deep announcer type voice.  Nope….deeper than that.  Much better!  That’s fun, huh?  I did that over a thousand times while making up this stuff.  You should have seen how it looked and sounded before I remembered the Rule of Rattay.  Evil!



(Real men of genius)


Today we salute you, Mr. Sales Guy That Never Asks Any Questions.

(Mr. Sales Guy That Never Asks Any Questions)


Anyone can ask people what they want and what they need and what their budget is, but it takes a man like you to ignore all that and speak about the only thing important in the world.    You!


(Mr. Sales Guy That Never Asks Any Questions)


Sitting across the desk in your pinstripe suit and tassel loafers, you tirelessly throw out improper pronouns like “I” and “me” and “me” and “I”.  Then you follow it up with four thousand more “I’’s”



(Keep on talkin)


Needs? You don’t need to know no stinking needs!  What do their needs have to do with you



(Nothing……their needs have nothing to do with you, Mr. Man!)


After they buy from the other person, they will continue to tell tales about you, the moron that came in and sprayed silly things about themselves and their company and their product without asking one single question.  Perhaps they will hang and burn you in effigy. 


(Burn you in effigy!  It’s fun to sing effigy!)


So crack open a Mind of Mully 40 oz malt liquor beverage and chase it with a cup of hemlock, Non Question Asking Sales Guy, because no one is going to like you and at the end of the day you will have no idea how to position what you are offering!  Then you will point fingers elsewhere while eating a Hostess snack cake.


(Mr. Sales Guy That Never Asks Any Questions….eating a tasty Hostess snack cake)


 (End of commercial:  please stop singing)


Have you ever gone out to a romantic dinner and had a moron waiter ruin it by inserting himself into your date?  The waiter that misses the part about how their job is to answer questions, bring you your food, present the check, then take your money?  Get it?  That’s your job as a sales professional.  No one cares about you so please be quiet and pay attention to that ear to mouth ratio.  Here is exactly what you should do 67% of the time:



  1. Do your research
  2. Have a twenty minute phone call before your meeting to get a good 10,000 foot view of your customer’s needs.
  3. Have a list of questions
  4. Ask those questions
  5. Sit quietly and take notes!



It is not about you.



It is about them.     They have the need and the budget.  More important, they are the customer.




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